11111 Links - Loughborough Folk and Ceilidh Dance Club



Dave and Caroline
Dave Yeomans & Caroline Bunting have now become very widely known across the country as an accomplished accordion duo, booked for the Alan Davies Winter Dance Holidays for the last five years, invited to the Southam festival last year, and Casterton earlier this year, as well as for numerous social dance events and workshop weekends such as those at Belstead House. The pair have developed a very fine reputation for excellent playing – lively, adept and always sympathetic.

The Navigation Band
For dancing we play mainly reels, jigs, polkas, hornpipes, marches and waltzes, with more specialist tunes such as rants and schottisches when needed. We work closely with the caller so that the tunes we play help the dancers and add to the dance. We also have specialist tunes for particular dances e.g. Swedish Masquerade, Gay Gordons etc. and set tunes for American singing calls and traditional English dances. We have tunes for background listening for those times when the audience are not yet ready to dance or simply need a few minutes’ rest! These range from fast Irish jigs to slow, gentle airs and are chosen to be interesting to listen to and to fit the mood of the evening.

Belzebub is a group of talented and experienced musicians, who specialise in the music of England, Scotland, Ireland and America. The band members have been performing folk songs and dance tunes for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience, which they put into practice at folk clubs and ceilidhs.

Bang On The Wall
The Bang On The Wall Band consists of Martin Wildig on lead melodeon, Phil Preen on percussion and tin whistle, Neil Cadwallader on Bass and Colin Keefe on Guitar. The band play mostly traditional English, Scottish, Irish and American tunes, but you may hear the occasional tune from mainland Europe or Scandinavia, and also modern tunes composed by a band member or friend of the band.

Vertical Expression
Think of it as a fusion of ceilidh and bluegrass. At the core of the music is the solid, funky sound of the bluegrass guitar and double bass rhythm section, combined with energetic playing and enticing tunes from the box and fiddle. Our set list currently consists of mainly American, French-Canadian and Irish tunes, along with a few others from around the British Isles. The band members are all experienced dance musicians who, in addition to contras, play regularly for ceilidhs and for Appalachian dance team Feet First, so we know how to provide what dancers’ feet need.

The Aardvark Ceilidh Band
The Aardvarks have established a reputation for delivering traditional dance music in a high-energy style. Whether playing acoustic or electric instruments, this band rocks!

Speed the Plough
SPEED THE PLOUGH’ Barn Dance/Ceilidh Band. (Derby Based)is a lively Band for traditional barn dancing with a Caller.We can be booked to play at Special Family Occasions including Weddings, are popular with P.T.A.Groups and Corporate.
The Band usually play during reception and between dances. Suitable for beginners and more experienced dancers. We have 4 regular musicians playing a variety of instruments.
The Band have a Scottish Programme.

Dance Cupola
Cupola has three local musicians Sarah Matthews, Doug Eunson and Oli Matthews. Playing melodeons, fiddles, viola and soprano saxophone the trio develop dance sets from the best of traditional material and their own compositions.

Fish n’Taters Ceilidh Band
Fish n’Taters play music for dancing. We play traditional English folk dance music in a lively style that makes your feet want to dance! We mainly perform in the Notts/Derbys/Leics area of the East Midlands.


Bob Morgan
I am a ceilidh caller, trained by Sheffield Ceilidhsoc. Ceilidh dancing is great fun for everyone and I enjoy calling at a wide variety of events and levels – picking the best dances for the occasion means it’s always fun. So far I have been lucky enough to call for a wide variety of events including weddings, birthdays, regular ceilidh series, balls, fund-raisers and ice-breakers for larger events. I have also called for many sizes of ceilidhs from small and reluctant wedding parties to hundreds of drunk and enthusiastic students.

Geoff Cubitt
Geoff is well known as a caller for American Squares and Contra and English Ceilidh. He has been invited to call at national dance festivals, including Whitby, Chippenham and Sidmouth, and is well respected among his peers. He has considerable experience as a dancer himself, particularly in Appalachian country dancing, which he has performed with his group at many festivals. His experience as a dancer stands him in good stead when calling, as his sympathy with those on the floor means that he is helpful to beginners as well as extending the expert dancers. Geoff is available for wedding receptions and parties generally and can book a band for you if you need it or can work with one you have already booked. Early booking is essential since he is much in demand.

John Brown
I’m a young up and coming ceilidh caller, working out of Sheffield. I got into calling through Sheffield Ceilidhsoc and I’ve been calling for Ceilidhsoc and for others ever since. These days I call at a variety of events, from small private functions, to regular ceilidh Series and folk festivals. If you are thinking of organising a Ceilidh (for a Wedding or Party etc) I can normally arrange a band for you.

Ian Carter
Based in Chesterfield, I travel sometimes hundreds of miles to provide barn dances and ceilidhs for discerning clients. I carry everything I need for the event, so all you need to provide is the venue and an electrical socket. Then leave the rest to me! For your peace of mind, I have been CRB-checked, I have Public Liability Insurance, and my equipment is PAT-tested every year.


Derby Ceilidhs
Derby Ceilidhs is a new ceilidh dance society in Derby in the UK. We hold regular ceilidh dances, play folk music, dance folk dances, and above all have fun! Come along and enjoy 3 of the best hours of your week with a live band and caller. All the dances are explained so no experience is necessary. Doors open at 7.30pm and dancing is from 8pm-11pm (with a short break halfway through).

Nottingham Folk Dance Group
Founded in 1937, the club welcomes new members (singles or couples) or visitors with an interest in dancing. Our aim is to promote the dances from the 17th. century to the present day that are generally included in the term ‘Folk Dances’. These may be the ‘Playford’ dances, those by Pat Shaw, American style contras etc. It is at barn dances that people often first meet this type of dancing but at a club such as Nottingham Folk Dance Group the range and style of dances encountered is much wider. Regular club evenings are held, as are a number of Saturday dances throughout the year. Approximately every 2 years a period Costume Ball (“Playford Ball”) is held at which dancers are encouraged to wear clothes in the style of the late 17th. to early 18th Century.

Mumpers Ceilidh Club
The club is open to all who enjoy traditional English Ceilidh dancing, Irish, American and Scottish social dancing. We meet on the first and third Sunday evenings at 7:30pm to 10:00pm except during the summer, easter and Christmas holidays at The Meadows Inn, Chequers Road, Derby DE21 6EP. The cost is £3.50 per person and everybody is welcome including children. No previous experience necessary as all dances are taught before dancing and there are regular experienced dancers to help beginners through each dance if required. No need to book and no partner necessary, just turn up. (Casual dress code and we recommend you wear comfortable, flat shoes) There’s a bar and free parking at venue.

Quorn Folk Dance Club
We are based in Quorn in Leicestershire in the East Midlands and we meet weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm – 9.30pm in Quorn Village Hall. We often dance to live music, different callers come along and give instruction on the movements in each dance. The Club has 60 members and new dancers are encouraged to join in: there is no need to bring a partner as lone dancers can come along and join in as well as couples. The age range is wide and the aim of the Club is to make the evenings fun and sociable whilst dancers enjoy the music and the exercise. New dancers, experienced or inexperienced, are always made most welcome.

Le Bal-en-Rouge
Le Bal-en-Rouge is an open session evening to provide free access to French and Breton music and dances situated in Ockbrook, Derby.

Run of the Mill Club
We welcome both experts and beginners. Most of us are somewhere in between. To begin with, all you need is rhythm, and to know your left from your right! We will help you around, and the caller will keep on telling all of us what to do next. Founded in 1979, the Run of the Mill Club welcomes new members (singles or couples) or visitors – anyone with an interest in dancing. Our aim is to promote the dances from the 17th. century to the present day that are generally included in the term ‘Folk Dances’. These may be Traditional; Elizabethan; American “Contras” and “Squares”; or “Pat Shaw”. We do many dances devised in recent years in a similar style. The Club has a full programme of club evenings and Saturday dances throughout the year. Every year in late October, a period Costume Ball is held, normally at the Cavendish Hall, by Edensor, Chatsworth – a “Playford Ball” at which dancers almost all wear clothes in the style of the 18th Century. Dancers come from many parts of England and the tickets are all taken months ahead of the event.

Sheffield University Ceilidh Society
We organise regular ceilidhs, usually one every two or three weeks, as well as a regular programme of workshops, music events, sessions and trips to other festivals and ceilidhs. Music is also an important part of the society so if you would like to play (at any skill level) come along to a session.

Touchwood Appalation Dancers
We are a lively group from the East Midlands that has been performing Appalachian stepping (from America) to old time music since 1986.
Touchwood is characterised by a lively but relaxed style. The dances include square dance style big figure routines as well as solo freestyle clogging and Appalchian couple dancing. It is a deliberate decision that we do not wear taps to dance. We are the only UK team still to perform in this old time style.
We have a lot of fun when we dance!

Mortimers Morris
Mortimer’s Morris are one of a small but growing group of teams who see the dance tradition as dynamic, building on the treasury of dances from Lancashire and Cheshire by choreographing dances of their own making