11111 FAQs - Loughborough Folk and Ceilidh Dance Club


What type of dancing is it?
English Folk Dancing has evolved over the centuries, today it is a combination of dances from mainland Europe arriving via the Royal Courts and dances from the countryside “folk”. Dances are done with a partner in groups with other people, each dance lasts approximately 6 minutes with a break inbetween, each week we do different dances. You can participate in as few or as many dances as you choose to and it can be as energetic or sedate as you want. Our dances are mainly of English origin but we also do some Irish, Scottish and American dances. Please see the video page for a demonstration.

Do I need any experience?
No, but some of our evenings are more suitable for absolute beginners, please contact us if you are unsure. All dances are walked through beforehand and there are many experienced dancers to help beginners through each dance. If you would like to go through a sequence slower please feel free to stop and ask for help.

Do I need to bring a partner?
No, there will be experienced people to dance with.

Do I need to attend regularly?
No, (see answer to question 2) just turn up when you want to.

Are children allowed?
Yes, but we would recommend they are at least 6 years old.

When and where.
Dances are held most Monday evenings at St Peters Community Centre, Storer Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5EQ. (map) Please see events page for dates.

First visit is free, thereafter the cost per evening is £4 each for adults, children up to the age of 16 are free.

What clothing would be suitable?
Loose fitting clothing . Most people wear a short-sleeved top or lightweight long-sleeved shirt for dancing and bring a jumper for breaktime. Skirts need to allow for enough movement so can’t be close fitted, A-line or free flowing are perfect. Comfy, flat(ish) shoes or trainers.

Is there a bar?
No, but you are welcome to bring your own drinks, water or a still soft drink are suitable. Tap water is available from the kitchen. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits are provided free during the break.

Is there a car park or public transport links?
Yes, there is a free car park to the side and rear of the venue.
By bus and train: Click here and zoom in. The small blue squares on Ashby Road are bus stops, click on a stop and enter the Transport Direct website to plan a journey by bus and/or train.

Bands & Callers.
There is a live band every week who will provide all the music through the evening. If you would like to hear a band please look at the links page. The “caller” is a person who will choose and teach each dance and liase with the band for suitable music.

If you are in a band or are a caller and would like to be considered for booking, please contact us. The venue has 4 x 13amp power sockets within 4m of the band area. The club hasn’t a sound desk but bands are welcome to bring their own.